Power Supply PS 240x

Pfeil  Short-circuit proof and current limited integral switch-mode power supply
Pfeil  Optional stand-by batteries extend operation as an uninterrupted 24 V DC supply in accordance with EN 54-4:2006
Pfeil  Constant monitoring of stand-by battery charge and internal resistance in accordance with EN 54-4:2006
Pfeil  Maximised stand-by battery life time due to deep discharge protection and temperature compensated charging
Pfeil  Quick and easy test function to perform self-test and determine stand-by battery internal resistance
Pfeil  Earth fault monitoring configurable
Pfeil  Front-panel status display via seven LEDs
Pfeil  Acoustic fault signal
Pfeil  Powder coated sheet steel housing or 19“ front-panel
Pfeil  Mains voltage 230 V AC
Pfeil  Unit type PS 2402 / PS2402-W with 2 A capacity
Pfeil  Unit type PS 2408 / PS2408-W with 8 A capacity
Pfeil  VdS approved