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Just Find Your Answers Below:

Through the addressed sensors a temperature change is located very precisely.

We are offering standard sensor cables but it is as well possible for the customers to select the sensor spacing freely.

We are delivering cable drums with a maximum of 2000 meters. Longer distances can be realized with connection boxes or cable sleeves.

The LISTcable will be installed only in the area, where the temperature is monitored. The connection to the control unit will be realized with a standard signal cable.

Our technicians can access the control units by telephone modem or through a network (with client consent).

Without limitation of functionality or reliability,  it is possible to repair the LISTcable several times.

The LIST cables react on both influences.  To detect heat radiation is very important in tunnels with high wind speeds,

Yes, all our systems are certified through various authorities. The LISTcontroller with SEC 20 cable has already passed tests according prEN 54-22.

A maximum number of 254 zones can be configured. Alarm signalling per zone can be performed through relay contacts (relay modules) or open communication protocols.

No, all our LISTcables and control units are "Made in Germany".

We are offering trainings in Isen Muncih . kindly contact us for details